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Where we fish in the Solent and surrounding waters

Thanks to its twin 285BHP engines, Anchorman Charter can get from its mooring in Hythe Marina to the Needles in under an hour! This time is always added to the time of your trip out with us so you are not paying to travel.

Over the last few years we have tried and tested many different fishing locations and marks in the Solent and its surrounding waters and now we are confident that we will get you on the fish at any time of the year.

On this page we are going to give you information on famous boat fishing marks such as:

  1. The Needles
  2. Sowley Boom
  3. Hill Head
  4. The Nab
Fishing Marks
Mark 1 - The Needles
Mark 2 - Sowley Boom
Mark 3 - Hill Head
Mark 3 - The Nab

These are some of the spots that you might be fishing when you come out with us.

To view all the exciting information about these marks, simply click your mouse over the relevant marker shown on the map.

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