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Customer Catch Gallery

Take a look at some of the fish that have been caught by our customers while fishing around the Solent and the Isle of Wight:

Catch of the day goes to Steve Perry with this 19lb Cod.Martin Cooper with a nice Whiting.Martin Cooper with a 30lb Conger.Vernon catches a Whiting.Alan Shergold with a 27lb Conger.Martin Cooper with a 55lb 7ozs Conger.Lee Woollon with a nice Conger.Mike Stimson with a 14lb 7oz Cod.Andi catches a 25lb congerJohn lands a 7lb Cod.Chris gets a great catch 23lb cod! nice oneDave with a monster 42lb congerDean gets himself a 12lb Blonde RayExcellent 22lb Blonde Ray caught by MaxBlondie smiling for the camera! 23lb conger caught by Dave but modelled by Emma! Marcus catches a 17lb Blonde RayJames with a 16lb congerNice catch John! 15lb Blonde ray7lb Blonde Ray caught by PeteSteve with 15lb Blonde RayDan Wells with 20lb CongerSkipper Dave catches 22lb congerDave gets a 19lb congerSteve catches an impressive 30lb CongerJames catches a nice 17lb Spurdog9lb Spurdog caught by SteveSkipper Dave catches 18lb Blonde RayRob catches 15lb congerKevin catches a 10lb Tope.James catches a 10lb Undulate rayKyle lands a smooth houndSteve Perry catches a nice smooth hound Steve Perry with Ballan WrasseRick catches a 28lb congera nice 5lb pollack by Steve Perry3 bearded Rockling caught by Paul 4lb Pollack from Rick MorrisBlack BreamLee Woollen with a nice size WrasseSteve Perry with a Smooth HoundScott Gilfoy with a nice Smooth HoundMark Catches a Smooth HoundGaz with a good size BreamAnother catch from Mark a nice BassDave catches a cuttlefishNice TopeThis Tope was the catch of the day! well doneAnother good size TopeWell done it nearly took you overboard! Great catch! lovely TopeGreat start! the first hound of the nightGreat size houndWell done Mark great catchFirst hound for KonradNice Tope from PeterWell done Asa catch of the day!Another nice TopeA good size Bream caught by JohnAnother great BassChris with a nice Smooth HoundNice Black BreamCraig with a lovely TopeLovely Tope caught by Frederick6lb Bass caught by SardisNice Tope landed by SosoNice Thornback ray caught by MeganA lovely 30lb Tope caught by OscarSteve Perry with a fantastic TopeNice 2lb BassDylan catches an impressive 6lb BassEm catches her first Dover SoleNice smooth hound from team Hydromax! Gaz wins the bet with this impressive hound20lb conger caught by Daveimpressive Tope caught by MarkBarry with a TopeGeoff catches a TopeAnthony catches his first congerAnthony catches a lovely Undulate RayA nice Blonde Ray caught by DanJack with a very nice TopeJim with a nice TopeJim with a second TopeJack with a very wriggly congerSteve with a TopeAmazing 37lb Tope caught by Jabed AhmedJulian with a topeRichard with a TopeMark with a TopeNeil catches a TopeBen catches two Undulates on one rig! lolBeautiful Undulate RayUndulate RayLovely Bass caught by Steve9lb Bass from SteveRob catches a nice Undulate RayUndulate RayNigel catches a nice Small Eye RayDan with a Topenice 9lb 10 Bass caught by SteveAnother nice Bass from SteveGood size BassLovely 20lb Blonde Ray from StuartNice 11lb Bull Huss caught by Andy TravisSkipper Dave catches the first cod of the season weighing in at a nice 16lb 12ozJohn catches a 28lb congerafter 45 years of trying John catches a fantastic 21lb codEms first conger 28lb Ems first cod weighing 12lbskipper Dave catches a 28lb congerRob Perry lands this lovely PlaiceA first Plaice for IanSteve Perry catches another good plaice on AnchormanNice Bream caught by SteveLovely 3lb Bream Another good size BreamBeautiful Black BreamFantastic Bream from Rob PerryAnother good Bream caught by SteveWell done Dai this is a lovely 11lb 10oz Thornback raylovely 2 1/2lb Brill caught by Clive well done Lana catches a beautiful Undulate rayA cracking 12.5lb Undulate caught by Tony SweeneyDrew Mumford with a fantastic 11lb Thornback rayAnother lovely Undulate ray3lb Black sea BreamIan with his first Undulate ray13.5lb undulate raySteve with a 3lb 11oz PlaiceBeautiful Tub GurnardTope Steve catches a Tope33lb Conger eel24lb blonde ray 30lb TopeDaves 21lb CodLee Morris 13lb codJocks 12lb codSteves 9lb cod16lb cod for ChrisRaimondas with a 19lb codlovely cod 9lb cod19lb cod for Ray The Codfather!  Bream are in!

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